Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution (SCCR) Youth Conference poster. Illustrations and design by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (www.owlingabout.co.uk).

Yesterday morning the day dawned white and crisp, not snow just yet, but a thick hoare frost. The pavements and roof tops glistened in the pink light of the rising sun. Little Owl let out a whoop of glee as she slid down the path to the car. Finch’s legs and arms wriggled wildly on his perch in my arms, safely ensconced in his thick snowsuit, his bright eyes tracking Little Owl. Just you wait, he seems to be saying, just you wait! He’s desperate to crawl but can only do backwards, the objects he is trying to reach cruelly retreating into the distance.

Little Owl’s busy calendar of Christmas events kicked off this week with a trip to her school Christmas Fair. It was there that Little Owl learned a sad truth about candy floss. If you squeeze your bag of candy floss tightly to you as you wander round the crowded stalls, said candy floss experiences significant shrinkage. Tears were averted by the purchase of a jolly reindeer pencil. If only all life’s disappointments were so easily compensated for.

Here is one set of the documentary illustrations I did for the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution (SCCR) Youth Conference a few weeks ago.

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