SCCR update

Postcard designs for SCCR by Hannah Foley ( Images are copyrightedThis morning the ground was covered in a thick hoar frost. Small birds flocked to our bird feeder. Jackdaws sat on the fence and eyed the kitchen window, waiting for Little Owl’s rejected breakfast crusts to be delivered to the garden wall.

On such a still crisp day it’s incredible to see the TV pictures of the South West, especially when we were only just there. My Mum and Dad have lost another fence panel but that’s it. They’re not far from Dawlish where the sea has washed away a portion of the railway line. Mum and Dad have decided that fences are not the future in Devon and will be planting a beech hedge this spring. To varying degrees, depending on how much they’ve been affected, I imagine people all over the South West will be making similar decisions.

Here are some of my latest illustrations for the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution (SCCR). The drawings on these postcards will also be appearing on a leaflet and a conference folder. Very exciting!

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