Mother and child

Drawing by Little Owl of a pregnant lady. All rights reserved ( are back in bonnie Scotland after our sojourn south. The valley is shrouded in low cloud and fine drizzle. It was lovely seeing my sister and my new niece but strange viewing those first intense weeks from the outside. I’ve heard it described as ‘baby shock’ and I really can’t come up with anything better. With all the head knowledge in the world nothing can quite prepare you for the physical reality of a tiny baby, out of control hormones and extreme exhaustion…not to mention other evils such as mastitis and cholic! Anyway, they seemed to turn a corner while we there and although it doesn’t always feel like it from where they’re standing, the general direction of travel is up from here on in.

I’ve posted a drawing by Little Owl of me with our pending addition in my “pod” as she calls it. I don’t look very happy do I? She has started drawing bodies for her people – that’s a big developmental milestone everyone! Well done Little Owl!

This evening I’ll be heading into toun for the start of a new term of Life Drawing classes. I’m looking forward to meeting my new students and encouraging their creativity.

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