Merry Christmas

Illustration of a Christmas Wreath by Hannah Foley (illustrator) ( is it about small children that they always vomit in the middle of the night? It’s never in the middle of the day when you can see what you’re doing. The first bout came just as we were heading to bed on Monday night. We heard a little voice coming from Little Owl’s bedroom calling “Help!” Needless to say she spent Christmas Eve feeling a bit fragile while I packed our bags.

The car journey down to Yorkshire yesterday evening was punctuated by the occasional popping sound of a cork hitting the car roof. Big Dreamer had two demijohns of homebrew he wanted to take down. One of them was particularly active so with the movement of the car the pressure kept building up, then there would be a loud bop as the cork bounced off the car ceiling. After one especially loud bang we couldn’t find the cork so stuffed the top with tissues and hoped for the best.

Crossing the border was a bit of an adventure in the bad weather. Sleet poured out of the darkness. I hope you have all managed to make it safely to where you wished to be for Christmas Day. Happy Christmas everyone and once again, thank you for your support over this year.

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