Morning sickness

Mouse in the Cornfield illustration by Hannah Foley first Little Owl was quite perplexed by my Morning Sickness (read All-day Sickness). She would grab my shoulder and ask me what I was looking for down the toilet. Now she just quietly shuts the bathroom door on me and carries on playing.

The thing that doesn’t help is being told that the sickness is normal. It really doesn’t feel normal. Apparently a full 25 per cent of pregnant women never have any sickness at all and then a whole other proportion only experience it mildly (my sister – grrrr!). So, it might well be ‘normal’ but it isn’t at all necessary. You can carry a healthy baby to full term without vomiting your guts out for months on end. Thank goodness for contraception – in another life I might have spent many long years vomiting endlessly! I know…I’m lucky to be pregnant and I’m not out of the woods yet, but being grateful doesn’t stop me wishing some clever research bod would put Morning Sickness at the top of their ‘To Do’ list.

Here is a new picture I have produced recently. It’s called Mouse in the Cornfield and it’s available to buy framed and mounted from the Flat Cat Gallery in Lauder or you can purchase unframed and unmounted prints from me by emailing me at: You can see a larger version of the picture on my website here.

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  1. Danielle says:

    That’s a really beautiful new illustration Hannah, I love the colour. Hoping you starting feeling better soon! xxx

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