A brace of pheasants

A sketch of a brace of pheasants by Hannah Foley (hannah@owlingabout.co.uk)This pair appeared on our doorstep this week. Our next door neighbour has been beating for one of the local shoots and brought us home a souvenir. Little Owl took one look at them and said they made her sick. Nevertheless they went into a stew, which we all ate for lunch today and she wasn’t sick. Of course she didn’t know they were in the stew but she also doesn’t know how often she’s eaten a lot of things she normally swears are disgusting, such as most vegetables you’d care to mention. I don’t know where I’d be without a blender and she’d probably have scurvy!

According to our next door neighbour there weren’t many birds in the woods for the shoot. It’s been such a mild autumn that there’s been plenty of berries and seeds for them in the fields. I brought the bird feeders in this weekend and scrubbed them in hot soapy water to prevent disease, but we’ll hold off putting them out just yet if there’s still enough food around.

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