Bonfire Night excitement

Bonfire Night Sparklers in ScotlandThis week the temperature dropped and the promised iciness of a few weeks ago is now here to stay. The morning frost that covers the garden has seen off the last off my nasturtium flowers that had been cheerfully hanging on while the mild weather lasted. Over much of the farmland round here strips of pine and fir have been planted as wind breaks. It is at this time of year that the larch that peppers these plantations shows up clearly, glowing gold against the dark green.

Our plans for Bonfire Night festivities were seen off by heavy rain last weekend so we switched to today. Little Owl was beside herself with excitement, declaring loudly that she was so so happy as she bounced through the kitchen pulling on her gloves and hat. Beneath a clear starry night we danced around with our sparklers and for the first time I’m sure I felt the baby move. Little Owl’s excitement is obviously infectious.

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  1. Linda says:

    Ah so glad Little Owl enjoyed the sparklers, was sad it was such a damp squib last weekend!!

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