raspberrywineAre you all still there? Did you survive the storm? Apart from it being a bit blustery here yesterday we knew nothing of it. We listened to the radio in awe as reports came in from the south of double decker buses being lifted off the road and fallen trees. Down in Devon my mum and dad got away with a loose fence panel and a bit of disconnected guttering.

Here is a glass of Big Dreamer’s raspberry wine. He let a few people try it out before he bottled it. The bottles will go away in the cupboard now to finish off. Isn’t it a gorgeous colour? I didn’t have a taste however, because we are expecting a baby in the spring! We’re very excited, although it hasn’t been much fun so far. I was exactly the same with Little Owl…nausea, vomiting, fainting, exhaustion. It’s like having flu and a really bad stomach bug rolled into one, and it goes on for weeks and weeks and weeks. People ask you if you’ve tried ginger and you want to batter them over the head, if only you could stay upright long enough to get to their head! Anyway, it does get better and eventually it does pass (although I’m not there yet), and it is all completely worth it in the end. It is, it is, it is.

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5 Responses to Expecting

  1. Jessica says:

    Oh Hannah! I haven’t been on your blog for a while but I like to keep up with what you’re up to and have just come across this post- congratulations! I remember you being so poorly with Little Owl, if it hasn’t already I hope it passes very soon and that you can get on and enjoy your pregnancy. Lots of love to you and all the family. Xxx

  2. Natalie says:

    Congratulations! How exciting! Hope the sickness eases soon! Lots of love from us all! X

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