Searching for brown

ink trialsYesterday a chill wind blew. It was laden with portents of ice and snow. Today the sheep dogs lounge in the sun on the steps from the farm yard. The weather is warm and mild again but we draw in our collars knowing what can’t be far away. At least our wood shed is now neatly packed. My mum and dad helped us stack the logs away and it’s possibly the tidiest the shed has ever been. When one bit of wood toppled off the top of the pile and narrowly missed Little Owl, she blamed my mum for trying to hit her with a log. Despite my mum’s protestations of innocence (amidst stifled giggles from me and Dad) Little Owl glared at her warily and repeated her conviction to Big Dreamer when he got home from work. Poor Mum – oh to incur a small child’s wrath!

This afternoon I’m on the hunt for a particular consistency of brown ink but I don’t think today’s the day so the hunt continues.

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