A little book

Outside my window the weather is wild. The rooks from the trees behind our house take off in giant plumes, then tumble and wheel on the gusts. Little Owl’s swing has wrapped itself around the cross bar in a giant knot. Lambing is nearly over and our next door neighbour, the farm shepherd, drags herself wearily from the house once again. The work on the farm has been extra tough over the last month with the two cattlemen off sick. When I say off sick, I mean practically dead. These are two tough Border men and they don’t go down lightly. One carried on working for a whole week with pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism. Needless to say, neither of them will stay in bed.

Here is my bear book finally finished and printed. Little bear is a tad fussy about his porridge and his parents have to go to great lengths to get it to just the right temperature. The children’s book industry is crazily competitive and I’m such a beginner so I have no great expectations for this book but I’m happy enough that Little Owl has offered it pride of place on her bookshelf.

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