A First Book of Nature

Here are some pictures from a beautiful book Little Owl was given for her birthday called A First Book of Nature. I thought you might enjoy seeing it if you haven’t already. It’s by Nicola Davies, who was a Really Wild Show presenter when I was little (I think that’s pretty cool!), and is illustrated by Mark Hearld. It’s a sort of scrap book of nature. The words are lovely but mostly we’ve enjoyed pouring over the pictures and feeling the atmosphere of the passing seasons.

This afternoon Big Dreamer came charging into the house full of excitement. There was brown liquid in the bottom of the jar he’d been using to collect birch tree sap for his latest home brewing escapade. Unfortunately for him, he’d been driving back from dropping Little Owl with her grandparents first thing this morning and had missed out on the heavy rain we’d had here. There was no mistaking it for anything else expect muddy rain water with a few flies in it. Poor Big Dreamer but a close shave for the rest of us would-be guinea pigs!

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