Taking a breather

Little Owl is on her Easter holidays from nursery for the next two weeks. She’s going to spend next week with her grandparents but this week she’s with me. Hence my degree work has had to come to a halt but, to be honest, it’s a welcome breather. I have felt pretty grim about all my work over the last few weeks. Such grimness comes from taking myself far too seriously and forgetting about the little things. These are little things that Little Owl quickly reminds me of, if I give proper time to her wide-eyed curiosity. Today I was amused to find her utterly absorbed by the detergent drawer of the washing machine slowly being jiggled open by a vigorous spin cycle. My washing-machine-drawer moment was watching a male rook trying to catch the eye of his lady friend by doing the most amazing winged dance in the garden this afternoon. I don’t know how she could resist!

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