This week has been glorious here in Scotland. The mornings have started off frosty and foggy but the sun has soon cleared the air to reveal crisp blue skies. Listening to the radio it sounds as though the rest of the UK is covered in leaden skies. I hope all of you down there feel compensated that it is hardly ever this way round!

The clear skies have meant cold nights and after my frog drawing I had a discussion with someone about how the frogs might be doing. Apparently there were some sightings last week but I wonder how they’ve fared with this cold bright snap. Although I read once that some frogs can survive being frozen solid. Not that I’m advocating doing it…I think it might be a specific species.

Here is the front cover to my dissertation. This week has been the final slog to the end of this hefty document. At least I got to make it look pretty.

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