Drawing block

This is a frog I drew on Friday. I was pretty happy to see him emerge from my pen nib because I’ve had a bit of a drawing block this week. I know, great timing and not in the slightest bit stressful!

This morning a fine flurry of snow was covering the garden but by the time we headed out to do some garden chores it had all melted. The sky was bright and clear, and the air was sharp and cold as we unravelled some mighty rolls of chicken wire to rabbit proof the back garden. The front is already done but we still have to monitor it for incursions.

I have several plants I want to put in the back garden and I refuse to sacrifice them to the ravages of the rabbits again this year. Plus they have been digging burrows amongst my daffodil bulbs. My Dad tells me the daffodils are late this year but I wouldn’t know because the bulbs keep getting turned up! So, although the ground was hard and cold we dug down deep to embed the wire thoroughly. Then we headed back inside to the warmth of the stove just as it started to snow again.

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  1. Sue says:

    He is a very fine frog indeed. So glad you are over your block. I love your drawings.x

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