The advent thief

Little Owl has had this advent calendar since she was born. It has drawers that I fill up with sweets and we read a bit of the Christmas story each time we open a drawer. It goes on the table on the landing, next to a little nativity set we have. When the drawer has been opened it can be taken out, turned around, and put back in to make up part of a bigger picture. This year there is also my mum and dad’s Christmas card, which gets pride of place because it is one of the RSPB singing cards. Amazing idea RSPB!

Since the advent calendar has been up however, we have had a spot of bother with the advent thief. You can probably guess who I’m talking about.

Little Owl mentioned to me nonchalantly that she was going upstairs to do some dancing. I gave her a few minutes then went to investigate what ‘dancing’ involved. As it turned out ‘dancing’ was in fact sitting under the landing table with Big Dreamer’s beanie hat pulled well down over her head. Unfortunately for Little Owl beanies aren’t soundproof so I could hear the munching going on underneath the hat loud and clear. The other giveaway was that she’d turned the number eight drawer around to show the picture and this was the one she’d taken the sweets from. You’re going to have to do better than that Little Owl!

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2 Responses to The advent thief

  1. Sue says:

    That is hilarious. x

  2. Linda says:

    Whats she like……………….. her father!!!

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