Warp drive

Big Dreamer succumbed to the lurgy on Wednesday and got sent home from work. He pads around after me looking mournful. It drives me mad because there is just nothing to be done with him. I also feel like I’m living under some sort of prophecy of gloom because at some point Little Owl is going to get it and then we really won’t know what’s hit us.

For now she is her usual cheeky self. Yesterday she was required to wear a kilt to nursery for St Andrew’s Day and as much blue and white as she could muster (for the Saltire if you didn’t guess). It all got a bit confusing by the evening when we headed off to celebrate Thanksgiving with a big group of friends. Come to think of it I’m not actually sure why we were doing it a week late. Some of our friends lived in America for a number of years so it’s the proper deal. I took an apple pie and used this recipe for it. I was complimented several times on the pastry and I have to say it is very good pastry. I may well adopt it as my standard pastry recipe from now on. My favourite moment of the evening was one comment from someone that what he was thankful for this year was getting invited back to Thanksgiving after spilling a glass of red wine on the cream carpet last year.

Little Owl and I drove home in thick snow. Little Owl was all wrapped up in bundles of blankets looking very snug. Apart from all the obvious dangers I do quite like driving in snow. The way the snow comes towards you in the brightness of the headlights makes me feel like I’m going into warp drive in Star Trek.

Oooo, and my Tree cards have been featured in Rosie Cheetham’s lovely gift guide. Take a look here.


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  1. Big Dreamer says:

    I think she means manful!!

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