This week at college all of us fourth years gave presentations about our work to the rest of the illustration department. I’ve never had to give a presentation about myself before and it felt especially odd because so much of it is aspirational. I may have written and illustrated a picture book for children but will it ever be read and enjoyed by a real child?

There has been an outbreak of myxomatosis on the farm and it has had a dramatic effect on the rabbit population. In spite of Big Dreamer’s long term turf war against the rabbits he looked sorrowful. Myxomatosis isn’t a good way to go. In the end he would just like it if they went somewhere else long enough for us to grow something. And yes, I do know the rabbit I’ve drawn has only got whiskers on one side of his face. It was an accident. I forgot to draw them in!

The figure on the thermometer has been steadily dropping as this evening has gone on. It’s a clear night and the moon is out. I predict a frosty start in the morning.

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