Christmas Star

It’s not like me to sing the praises of Tesco. Especially when they do that labelling thing where I think I’ve bought a ham for £4.99 when it was actually £4.99/kg but I was too busy wrestling a 3 year old to realise until too late. Anyway, if any of you are looking for a seasonal craft activity to do with a little one I can recommend a few things Tesco have in the children’s aisle at the moment. I bought this little ceramic star Christmas decoration with paints and brush for £1.50…yes, £1.50! (Unless it was £1.50/kg!) It’s the ideal thing for a wet saturday afternoon. It was a lovely way to start thinking about Christmas with Little Owl. We chatted about getting the tree and how we would put this new decoration on it. Of course, it will be absolutely my fault if she doesn’t sleep a wink on Christmas Eve by starting the anticipation on the 19th November!

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