New Stock

Little Owl and I bumped and bobbed our way to Innerleithen today in my jumpy car. The route from our house to Innerleithen is majestic. A narrow strip of tarmac full of potholes runs along a valley bottom, enclosed on both sides by steep slopes. A rushing-gushing tributary tumbles alongside, occasionally breaking its banks onto the road. My foot is never far from the brake as Black-Faced sheep wander freely. For a while we are held up by a whole flock, shepherded by a man on a quad bike and his two collies. Little Owl shouts, “On n’grass sheep!” and tuts loudly. I held my breath every time we rattled over a cattle grid as my boot was full of precious pictures to be delivered to Carol at the Chapel Street Gallery.

Carol is a brilliant person who makes me feel like I’ve come home. She genuinely loves artists and is fabulously supportive. There is nothing pretentious about her or her gallery. She found some toys from her own children (now grown-up) for Little Owl to play with and we were soon all on our knees putting toy pigs to bed in the hay loft. My hare pictures have found a home with her until some lovely person decides to purchase them so if you’re interested do head over there. Alternatively you can pick-up a limited edition print of the originals from my online shop.

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