Wasps Nest

Everything has gone wild while Little Owl and I have been away. The garden has grown a good foot, including the weeds! Although there’s no sign of my beetroot seedlings yet. We also have some new wild residents. Wasps have started to build a nest underneath the canopy by our front door. The nest is about the size of a golf ball and it’s beautiful; all carefully formed curves and ridges. The received wisdom is that we should get rid of it. Big Dreamer says he’ll “whack it.” Honestly!

I have been delving into my books and if we can live and let live, I’d rather. I have learnt that wasps are great for pest control in the garden, they only nest somewhere once, and they all die off in the winter. By October they’ll be long gone and unlikely to return. I don’t mind the odd sting but I think Little Owl might not agree. On the other hand Little Owl and I are off on our annual sojourn south in a couple of weeks. By the time we get back it’ll be nearly time for term to start again and we’ll be out all day. The cooler weather also means the wasps aren’t that active. Hmmm, I think we might see how things go for now…

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  1. Reupheus says:

    I just whacked mine down in the shed, although if I had read this first I may have resisted. I thought I was meant to pour boiling water over it to although haven’t achieved that yet.

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