Synchronised lawn mowing

Big Dreamer has been told at work that he’s posh for calling the grass in our garden a lawn. Apparently he should say “Back Grass” and “Front Grass”. He thinks this sounds rude so is sticking with “lawn”. These perfectly serious etymological conversations reflect folk’s frustration at not being able to trim the grassy jungles appearing in everyone’s gardens because of the incessant rain.

Yesterday the sun shone periodically. There was the odd shower but nothing heavy. As if they had synchronised their watches Big Dreamer, our next door neighbour and the Farm Manager headed out to mow the grass in their respective patches at 18.00 hours. Big Dreamer comes bottom of the lawn mower hierarchy round here with his electric mower. Our next door neighbour has a petrol powered one and the Farm Manager is the king with his ride-on mower.

At 18.34 the buzz of grass cutting abruptly stopped. It had started raining again with the job only partly complete. Big Dreamer glared at the grass from the kitchen window. “There’s all that grass that won’t stop growing and those rabbits will eat everything except the grass!”

Here’s some of the poppies that are growing in our garden at the moment. The rabbits don’t eat them and they are flowering in spite of the lack of sun. Hurray! Also, just to let you know…following overwhelming contact from you fine folks we will be pursuing the ‘live and let live’ strategy concerning the wasps. You totally won me over by suggesting I could draw the inside of the nest once they moved out. Inspired I’d say!

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