Here is my contribution to a fun evening with friends this week involving LOTS of food. Little Owl got to stay up, which she thought was marvellous. The Moroccan (sorry, spelt wrongly above) sesame bread follows a normal bread recipe but has sesame seeds in it. All the others are flat breads. Our local Tesco has started doing chapati flour (also spelt wrongly!) so I’ve been experimenting. Flat breads are essentially flour, water and salt. The key seems to be to leave the dough for about half an hour to get that lovely pliable quality. My attempts to rush it ended up with little stiff boards. The potato bread involves mixing some mashed potato, chilli, mint and paprika into the dough. Little Owl loved these so I’ll definitely have to do them again. The key with the naan seems to be to have a very wet dough. I pan cooked one side then put them under the grill to do the other side. The kilonji seeds that went on top of the naan were a slightly more exotic ingredient but I found them easily in an asian supermarket in Edinburgh. Can you tell I’ve been procrastinating?!

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