Glasgow International Artists’ Book Fair

Today Little Owl and I have been over in Glasgow at the International Artists’ Book Fair. We had been put into groups at college to produce something for the show. I was in two minds whether to blog about this or not because the project hasn’t been the most positive of learning experiences. I think enforced group work can be a bit hit or miss. And one day I’ll have to write about the trials and tribulations of the organisational abilities of the college of art (let’s just say I hope I never have to rely on them to save me from a burning building). So even though I would die of shame if any of you bought what my group produced I would like to shout about the organisers of GIAB. They were just brilliant. It’s a tough financial climate to be putting on such ambitious things and they were bright and passionate. The event is also on tomorrow so if this sort of thing interests you do pop along.

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