Evidence…real hard evidence of the heartlessness of the rabbits that live on our farm. They weren’t even interested in the flowers. They just wanted the juicy stems and leaves. I’m disgusted by their depravity. There is so much grass to eat! Big Dreamer is in a rage because they’ve also had a go at his raspberry canes. He’s got his air rifle out again. He likes to think he’ll hit one and we can have stew. There’s no risk of that but at least his wild firing should frighten them off. To be honest he’s more likely to injure himself as a pellet ricochets off the shed! Nigel the cattleman has offered to take Big Dreamer out for target practice. I don’t think he’s realised the job he’s taken on.

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  1. Linda says:

    Those bad rabbits! Loved your sketch of Little Owl and your bread looked “delicious” to quote a certain little person. I am know you are working extremely hard and sending a big hug, you are nearly there!

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