Sorry, this is the illustration you get today because this enormous pile of manure was delivered to us last night by Nigel the cattleman with a cheeky look on his face. They cleared out the cattle sheds a couple of weeks ago and I asked if we could have some of the manure for the garden. I was thinking a few wheelbarrows full. This is an entire trailer load and it dwarfs my car.

Amusingly Gordon the milkman didn’t bat an eyelid this morning. He’s used to funny goings on. He did look mildly alarmed when Big Dreamer said it was ours and asked, “where are you going to put it all?”

Nigel had a joke to tell us when he delivered the manure so I’m passing it on to you! There were two young men. One was carrying a wheelbarrow full of manure toward his rhubarb patch. The other young man said, “are you going to put that on your rhubarb?” “Yes,” replied the young man with the wheelbarrow. “That’s funny,” the other young man commented, “we put custard on ours.”

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