Gooey Eyes

Here is my latest sewing project…another quilt! This one is for Big Dreamer and myself and I’ve finished in time for the snow. I will have to think of new sewing projects next year as every room in the house now has it’s own quilt.

Yesterday morning Little Owl woke up looking like she’d just done ten rounds in a boxing ring. It’s conjunctivitis so no nursery for a few days. There was more snow in the night so we have been watching the birds from the window. Today has been golden sunshine but bitter outside. Our next door neighbour doubles in size at this time of year as she piles on the layers for working in the fields. Little Owl and I wrap up warm too and follow animal and bird tracks in the snow across the garden.

Big Dreamer and I were laughing last night as we remembered some of our snow antics last winter. We had worked out that if we drove into the village and turned round again we could get a better run at the farm track providing no one was coming in the opposite direction. On one occasion we were within spitting distance of the farm yard when the wheels started to spin. I gripped the sides of the car…like that’s going to help! Back we slid, straight into an enormous snow drift. Little Owl and I made a swift exit to the house leaving Big Dreamer to face up to the folks on the farm who wordlessly hitched him up to the tractor with wry looks on their faces. I couldn’t work out if Big Dreamer’s red cheeks were from the cold or embarrassment.

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