A bit blowy

Here is a pic of my stall at the village shopping night last night. The hall looked great decked out in all its Christmas finery. We had Christmas songs playing and mulled wine. There was a good turn out and I sold lots of the hall Christmas cards so I was pleased with that. My friend Karen also had a stall and I must just give her a little plug here because her baby blankets were a real hit last night. Take a look at her site here.

Little Owl’s eyes are still pretty gunky and I had a big final crit this afternoon at college so we called on the wonder that is Big Dreamer’s mum. She blew in on a storm like Mary Poppins. Unfortunately the storm decided to hang around and have a waltz on Scotland for today so college was closed in the end. I made it half way there before being told to turn back. Seagulls and crows wheeled and dived in the deepening gloom. I could hardly stand up on the Tesco forecourt getting petrol. I asked the ladies in the kiosk if they’d be going home soon. “Ach no,” they replied, “This is Tesco. The store’ll have to blow away before we get to go home.”

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