Living with an international assassin

We have spent the day in the garden digging, planting and watering. All the doors and windows were flung open and Little Owl toddled in and out getting progressively grubbier. Living on a farm the warm weather brings flies and with open doors they come inside. Little Owl is quite disconcerted. She is also unable to make out the difference between a fly, a spider, and a bee so ends up shouting all three names at them. Big Dreamer believes himself to be an international assassin of flies. He contorts himself into crazy positions then delivers his ‘death flick’. The atmosphere in the kitchen quickly reaches fever pitch as Little Owl shouts “Daddy, fly-spider-bee!” and Big Dreamer swirls his arms like a character from a japanese martial arts film. Unfortunately, today I was caught in the cross-fire and the ‘death flick’ was delivered to me instead. The pair of them were swiftly banished back outside.

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2 Responses to Living with an international assassin

  1. Linda Foley says:

    Having been on the receiving end of said “death flicks” I can understand the banishment!! [Accidental of course].
    Big dreamers mum & little dreamers Nonna xx

  2. BD says:

    The thing that Owl forgets is that I am an international assassin! Can’t keep anything a secret these days…


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