Ascension Day

It has been a glorious day today. Little Owl and I have spent most of the day outside in the sunshine, apart from when we were making doughnuts! Apparently today is Ascension Day and associated with this day is the eating of doughnuts and the drinking of ivy beer. I don’t know how accurate this is but we decided to embrace it. Big Dreamer was unable to find any of the appropriate ivy to make beer from so we opted for nettle beer instead. Little Owl and I were in charge of doughnut making. I may do a bit more preparation next year. A small child who likes to get stuck in, a pan of hot oil, and trying to insert jam into hot doughnuts didn’t mix well. Although I have to say that Big Dreamer’s plum jam came into its own. He’d had complaints on the farm that it wouldn’t stay on a knife long enough to taste it. This liquidy quality was a massive plus for doughnut making. So we are sitting in the sun with sugary mouths, jammy hands, and burpy bellies.

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