Slow growing grass










It’s windy but warm here now. Little Owl and I spotted a pair of Yellowhammers flitting around the farmyard. I’ve been told on the farm that the grass is growing slowly for this time of year. What a brilliant thing to know! Things aren’t growing slowly on the river bank though. The whole place is alive with noise and smells. It’s almost possible to feel everything stretching upwards. There are bluebells and forget-me-nots and buttercups. I’ve drawn two wild flowers we’ve seen down there today for you here. I’d not seen them before and they weren’t in my books. The leafy one is White Comfrey. I’m told the leaves can be steamed like spinach and are also a good activator for compost heaps. I’ll keep you posted on both those tips. The single bells are called Water Avens. They are a lovely musky pinky-red colour. They burst open to produce burrs which stick to passing creatures to spread their seeds. I’d got so used to passing things thinking ‘oh no, it won’t be anything special’ but I now live somewhere where those special things are.

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