At long last…

Common Spotted Orchid. Photograph by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (
Common Spotted Orchid

I hope you enjoyed my delvings into the folklore behind my children’s novel, The Spellbinding Secret of Avery Buckle over the last few weeks. In the mean time, life has been marching on… the swifts arrived and with them, finally, at loooong last, some warmth. I had to re-sow my perpetual spinach at the allotment, clearly placing too much faith in the beneficence of the season. But biggest news of all is that Finch found a 100%, genuine, four-leaf clover! 

Another ‘at-long-last’ occurred at the weekend – Big Dreamer’s parents made it down from Yorkshire. For Father’s Day, we sat all together at the top of a steep, south-facing slope, watching a soft summer rain fall over an orchard in a deep, wooded Devon combe. We munched on toblerone, and supped coffee and hot chocolate. The orchard was full of wildflowers. Ox-eye daisies, golden grasses, and orchids glistened with raindrops, the air full of birdsong. It was perfect. I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day, and maybe an ‘at-long-last’ too.

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