Low sat up straight. “Er, Avery. Something’s happening to your back pocket.”

Avery turned around, making Sparrow lean again. Low was right. A bright light was streaming out of the top of her pocket. She reached her hand in and pulled out the piece of sea glass.

A ray of light shot out from it, like the beam of a lighthouse, penetrating the clouds far into the distance.

This is an extract from my children’s novel The Spellbinding Secret of Avery Buckle. At this point in the story, Avery and Low, the main characters in the book, are riding to safety on a flying tandem bicycle called Sparrow, when a beam of light shoots up, out of Avery’s pocket. The light is coming from a piece of sea glass. The idea for this came from something called a Sun Stone, which Vikings are believed to have used to navigate with. Above is a link to a film I made exploring the background of Sun Stones, and doing some science experiments to see if they might really have existed!

If you know any teachers who might be interested in science resources for KS2, please do let them know about this film, which is all about light and refraction. There is also a school’s resource pack which accompanies the book, with worksheets on this topic and many others, available from my website here.

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