Hello 2019!

How was your Christmas and New Year? I hope you had a lovely time, and managed to find some restful moments in amongst the busyness. We travelled back yesterday from Yorkshire after visiting Big Dreamer’s side of the family. The roads were clear and we drove towards the sun, low and pale in the wintery sky. Already I could feel that the atmosphere had changed. The earth has turned and the daylight hours are on the wax again. Hurrah! Big Dreamer and I discussed our plans for the year in the front of the car while the children alternately dozed in the back, and watched DVDS on Little Owlโ€™s pocket player. Amongst my seed ideas for the allotment, and birthday party plans for the children we talked about keeping things simple and local in 2019. More fresh air, more outdoors, and everything a lot more slowly. How about you? Do you have any New Yearโ€™s resolutions?

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2 Responses to Hello 2019!

  1. Evy Browning says:

    Slower & more measured sounds good to me – that translates to adding the finishing details to the house internally for the major bits are now done & R can return to his beloved Greek. For me, pottering in the garden remains plus playing with pen & paper, & then there are those tantalising few hundreds or so of coloured pencils (wax & oil-based which have lain neglected & some never even used)………. A year of change……

  2. Hannah says:

    That sounds amazing! I do love the word “pottering”.

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