Lost a shoe but gained a…

Delphiniums. Photograph by Hannah Foley (all rights reserved - www.owlingabout.co.uk)We are back from a lovely time away, involving lots of ice cream, sand and sea. Finch lost a shoe but gained a dumper truck. Little Owl had to retire her favourite kite (hole in one side) but learned how to play Uno. Wren forgot how to go to sleep then remembered just in time for heading home. We explored some castles, ate fish and chips, and all-in-all had a โ€œreal, good jolly time.โ€

The weather changed part way through the week and there is now that slightly sad feeling to the days, of the year winding itself back in again. I like the way my friend talks about how in late summer the plants get all wild and straggly, and how she gets a strong urge to buy tins of paint to make sure everything is shipshape before the winter onslaught. I know exactly what she means but Iโ€™m not prepared to let the summer go just yet. We came home to flowering delphiniums and rampaging pumpkin plants, thanks to my parents diligent watering while we were away. The remains of my August are full of gardening plans and a slightly panicky and irrational desire to spend as much time as possible with Finch before he starts school. Heโ€™s learnt to exit a room at top speed when he sees a certain wistful look come into my eyes; being smothered in kisses and tight hugs is not to his taste!

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  1. evy browning says:

    Glad you had a lovely time – those colours look gorgeous together, amazing how He paints isn’t it??

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