Real, good jolly times…

So that’s that. The term is over. The warm weather has made it feel long over due. Last June and July we made the mistake of committing to lots of things, forgetting that we really do have the best weather over these two months and August is almost always a washout. This year we stayed non-committal and as a result have been able to spend weekends at the beach and beside rivers in shady glades. Still, the kids were ready for the holidays weeks ago. It has been a struggle to get them through the last bit of term: their hearts already turning from thoughts of sums and spellings to rockpools and icecream.

Now they kick back in the shade in the garden, a sibling bundle of arms and legs, so warm and relaxed they can barely be bothered to even shoo away a curious fly. Little Owl and I have been reading Anne of Green Gables for bedtime and really enjoying it. The end of term has made me think of a quote from it. I love L. M. Montgomery’s quiet wisdom:

‘When Anne got home that night she stacked all her textbooks away in an old trunk in the attic, locked it, and threw the key into the blanket box….

She told Marilla. “…I just feel tired of everything sensible and I’m going to let my imagination run riot for the summer…I want to have a real good, jolly time this summer…”’

Next week we will be away in Wales for our hols having a “real, good jolly time” so no post from me but I will be back the week after.

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  1. evy browning says:

    Hope you’re enjoying Wales & the weather’s holding up for you. It’s broken here much to our local relief & that of the lawn though ours has survived with some Molly coddling.
    Remember my introduction to Anne – the TV series many years ago.

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