Sky stories

character development, girl, children, children's book art, picture book art, illustration, illustrator, hannah foley, running, jumping, crying, laughing, readingThe new attic room has come into its own with this prolonged spell of hot weather. In the evening Finch and I pick our way over Big Dreamerโ€™s tools (he is building a wardrobe) to the futon for bedtime stories. Itโ€™s a lovely cool spot, the wide-open roof windows creating a refreshing draught. Above our heads the sky is all pale blue haze and the swifts dash madly about in a festival of evening feasting. Sometimes, as I close the book covers, we sit quietly, lost in thought, contentedly listening to the swiftsโ€™ spiraling squeaks, and relishing the cool evening air on our faces. I will miss that sound when they go, always a welcome change from the raucousness of rooftop seagulls; their absence marking the downward turn of the year. What a summer it is turning out to be.

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One Response to Sky stories

  1. evy browning says:

    Certainly is proving a memorable summer in terms of the weather & I think back to 1976, the last one I remember like this when I was sitting O’Levels totally oblivious to their importance but had already developed a real love of birdlife. Is it my imagination or are the seagulls flocking more than usual the last couple of weeks??

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