September flowers

It’s always good to find out that you’ve just been out cycling during a weather warning. That’s what happened to me on Monday morning. I did think that the head wind was a bit stronger than usual on the way home. It made me realise I have been in total denial about Autumn, which is not like me. I love Autumn and am usually ready for the change. Maybe it was because August was so awful and dreary. I don’t know. But Autumn is here and autumn is wonderful. Finch and I have been making pictures by printing with fallen leaves. Conkers are starting to make an appearance. In the hedgerows there are plenty of sloes and haws. No wonder the birds aren’t interested in our garden feeders. Here is a beautiful page from Margaret Erskine Wilson’s book Wildflowers of Britain Month by Month showing a veritable feast of autumn bounty. Over the hill I found a bank of cyclamen, sparkling like little pink and white stars against the mossy greenery. Apparently cyclamen are vital source of nectar for pollinators at this time of year as they build up their stores ready for winter.

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One Response to September flowers

  1. evy browning says:

    Autumn is definitely approaching. I love seeing all the cyclamen & your info about the pollinators has made me rather determined to get a whole lot & plant up the rockery. I just need a bit of dry weather when I’m not working……. maybe next week.

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