British ABC - A illustration by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (www.owlingabout.co.uk). atlantic white-sided dolphin, Hannah Foley, illustrator, illustration, children, kids, education, wildlife, natural history, orange, grey, white, blueDid you have a lovely Easter? We did. Highlights for me were a meadow full of delicate white and purple fritillaries here in Devon, and banks of wood anemones like little white stars in a wooded glen in Yorkshire. I find the seasonal gradient across the country fascinating: up in Yorkshire we caught the end of the daffodils but down here the bluebells are now carrying the baton for spring.

The only low point of the holiday was the day I lost the car keys on the beach. The whole day was a litany of disasters including rescuing a lady from a toilet, getting severe sun burn (while I waited for my dad to get the other set of keys from Big Dreamer who was going into a job interview), and a potty training accident in my mum’s conservatory that I think will be forever scorched into her memory. It wasn’t a good day. Fortunately I did get my keys back, via a very kind man who turned out not to live too far from us. Thank goodness for honest people! And no, Big Dreamer didn’t get the job.

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