February flowers

The morning Storm Doris blew in I’d put the washing on the line. I heard the news and promptly brought it back in again. Apart from being very windy we seemed to get off lightly. Although we did have a few a interesting things blow into our garden, including an empty bag of pig feed! I hope you were all ok.

Wren is going to be 1. A whole year old! And she is finally crawling. She’d been sat on the kitchen floor playing with pots and pans when I heard a massive clatter from the lounge and realised she’d vanished. I found her sitting in the lounge with the poker in her hand, grinning from ear to ear.

Here is an illustration of hazel catkins from Margaret Erskine Wilson’s book Wildflowers of Britain. We have been spotting them along the river banks. Also look out for green daphne, alder catkins, elm buds, daisies, colt’s foot, bird’s eye (also known as Buxbaum’s speedwell), false strawberry, and lesser celandine. We’ve got lots of daffodils and tulips out in the garden. At this time of year I’m always glad I made the effort in the autumn. My wood anemones arrived. You can see them laid out on the saucer in the photo. It’s not an inspiring start is it? Don’t be fooled. There’s life in those funny little bits of root!

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