Feeling smug

The Little Book of Garden Bird SongsI’m feeling smug. We all made it to school this morning with our clothes on the right way round, our teeth cleaned and I flossed. Impressed? I am. I’ve heard people say that the jump from one child to two is the hardest. I’m now firmly of the opinion that any additional child is tough. Wonderful, but tough. Fortunately we can laugh. Where on earth would the human race be without laughter? And spring is here…sort of.

It’s been a bit wild in our neck of the woods. Torrential rains and gale force winds have battered the coast. Nevertheless a family of sparrows has taken up residence behind one of our fascia boards. There is a convenient hole there. Our neighbour tells me it is where the old outlet pipe for the back boiler used to come out. The sparrows have the perfect readymade front door into our cosy attic for raising their young. If we quietly creep into the lean-to we can peek up at them through the clear plastic roof and watch them coming and going without disturbing them. It’s lovely to sit there listening to their chattering.

Talking of birdcalls, we received this beautifully thoughtful present for Wren. It’s a board book of some of the more common UK garden birds with corresponding buttons to hear their call, including the song of the wren! Because it’s a board book I can well imagine her getting to grips with it herself as she gets bigger. And on some of the bleaker days of midwinter I expect I’ll be there with my finger on the blackbird button, reminding myself that summer will come again.

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