Half term

Photograph of Devon Ruby cattle at Devon County Show by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (www.owlingabout.co.uk).We’re deep in the throes of half term. We’ve made dolly peg pirates, baked gingerbread men, made a hanging mobile of the solar system, planted out tomatoes, and spent copious amounts of time at the splash zone (lots of movement-triggered fountains) in our local park, all with a grumpy, teething one-year old in tow. And it’s only Wednesday! The rest of the week will be spent lying down.

Last Friday Finch and I went to the Devon County Show. Here’s a photo of two beautiful Devon Rubies from the show. We had a fantastic day. I just love this sort of thing. There was a brilliant shoeing competition (I’m talking horses here by the way), which had me bouncing on my tiptoes with excitement. It was very close. And what a job! I wouldn’t like to be that near a horse’s back legs on a regular basis. It was great to see a local lad make the finals of the junior sheep shearing competition. Even Finch gave him a clap from over my shoulder in the baby carrier. I don’t know what it is about sheep shearing competitions but I always come away full of regret that I never learned how to shear five sheep in less than nine minutes. I suppose it’s never too late!

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