'Stokes the Greengrocers' by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (www.owlingabout.co.uk) Here is a little illustration I did of the greengrocers on the high street. They have a great range of local fruit and vegetables. I’m enjoying taking mealtime inspiration from the seasonal treats they have in stock. We had some amazing spring greens from them the other evening. Everything there is ripe and ready to be eaten immediately so it’s taken me a while to get used to shopping in a little and often sort of way. We’ve had to throw a few things away that I’d given an ambitious shelf life to.

Raindrops are trickling down the outside of the window by my desk. It’s the perfect sort of rain for my seedlings. The peas, beetroot, and spinach are all pushing tentative green shoots skyward. One of our new neighbours gave me some of his runner bean plants and there’s nothing tentative about them! Within days they had begun coiling their way around the bamboo structures I’d built for them, seeming to lengthen before my very eyes. We also had a mysterious delivery of an iris in a pot, left on our doorstep. So far no one is owning up. My vote is for the elderly gentleman over the road who proudly introduced us to his apple trees, each one over 30 years old. News is obviously getting around that we’re enthusiastic about gardening!

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