Kingfisher sighting

Illustration of a kingfisher by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved ( week the most amazing thing happened. Finch and I were out for a frosty walk in the nature reserve opposite our house and we saw a kingfisher! It was bright blue against the dark wet vegetation. It flashed past us, just catching the corner of my eye. It perched on a branch above the partially frozen burn then flew further down again as we approached. A lady with two dogs was coming along the path in the opposite direction and as the bird whizzed back down the burn in the direction it had come I had a perfect view of it in profile, bright eye, copper streak, and turquoise wings. Amazing! I was fit to burst with the wonder of it. And how hilarious that we can barely get a sparrow to visit our garden and then we go and see a kingfisher, just like that!

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