A new patch

A little girl's slippers by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (www.owlingabout.co.uk)Over the last few weeks Little Owl (now with Finch too) and I have been getting to know our new patch. We hot-footed it to a nearby garden centre to stock up the bird feeders and gradually the locals have been finding out that we’re here. It started with a very cheeky magpie but we’ve also had visits from starlings, sparrows, robins and a jackdaw with a twig in his beak. A blackbird is nesting under the eave of a neighbour’s porch and we’re hoping he’ll find us soon too. A pair of blue tits looked in at the window but flew straight past the feeder and haven’t been back. Maybe they were sniffy about the company.

The front garden is mainly full of dandelions but there is a lovely tree that started off with just three buds when we first moved in and is now full. When the leaves come out we’ll be able to tell what it is. The back garden is a mossy bog. At first I felt very discouraged – what on earth could we do with this? However, it’s often full of birds gathering up the moss for their nests so maybe it’s not such a bad thing. Until we think of a brain wave solution we’ve brought lots of pots with us to fill.

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