Illustration of a little girl's shoes by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved ( have a lovely little baby boy! Just like Little Owl he’s got a pseudonym for blogging so, without further ado, may I introduce Finch to you all.

I’ve gone for Finch because he’s got lovely dark dancing eyes like a finch. It’s also because the collective term for goldfinches is a charm, and in sickening new parent fashion we think he’s rather charming.

As the days go past we’re slowly getting into the swing of things, enough to actually leave the house. One outing this week didn’t go so well when we made the rookie-parenting mistake of not putting any nappies in the change bag. Finch had to endure the rest of the trip trussed up in a muslin and a plastic nappy sack until we could find a shop to purchase supplies. Poor boy – it doesn’t bode well does it?!

The shoes I’ve drawn here are from a personal project I’ve was doing to keep myself drawing while waiting for Finch. I have still got most of Little Owl’s shoes from the very first properly measured shoe she wore, so I have been drawing them and will eventually put them together to create one big image to put on her wall. It seemed like a nice thing to do to mark her progress up to the age of 5 and the start of school.

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