SCCR Banners

Illustration of family conflict in an Edinburgh tenement by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved ( is a still, grey day here in the Borders. Some beautiful Chionodoxa have come out in the garden. Their purply-blue, star-shaped flowers are bright explosions of colour in amongst the pale lemon of the primroses. These low-growing bulbs are perfect here, where the wind terrorises the daffodils. We’ve been slowly packing belongings into a variety of brown cardboard boxes ready for the move. I’ll have to get some more Chionodoxa for the new house.

Here is my last piece of work for the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution (SCCR) before having the baby. I’m really proud of this piece. The illustration is divided across two pop-up banners for SCCR conferences. It references a very special Scottish painting called Windows on the West by Avril Paton. Inside the tenement building some people are experiencing harmonious relationships but others are in conflict. Even though it’s a serious topic I’ve tried to introduce some humorous elements, such as the cat in ‘conflict’ with the goldfish. I hope this makes it a bit more accessible.

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