Rituals and results

I love the rituals of warm summer evenings. In the garden I visit all my little plants with the watering can, taking my time to congratulate myself on a new leaf or occasionally console myself over a loss. Green shoots are appearing from the dark earth where I planted my spinach and chard seeds. I didn’t take any chances with my beetroot this year and germinated them indoors. The seedlings went outside this weekend and seem to be enjoying their new environment. Swallows dip and dive overhead. Monty, the abandoned lamb, can be heard vocally making his presence known at our next door neighbour’s backdoor. He wants his feed.

The degree show is in full swing. It’s been lovely chatting to people as they’ve wandered round the show. There’s some great stuff to see. I can particularly recommend the Jewellery and Product Design departments. I also have my results and can proudly announce that I got a First. Happy days.

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