Haring along

In the late part of this afternoon, on our way home from visiting friends, Little Owl and I encountered a hare on the road. He bounded out of an open gateway in the hedgerow before turning to gallop along beside the car. I slowed right down, worried I’d hit him, but he gave me a nonchalant look and proceeded to accompany us for about a mile. It was just as if we’d met a neighbour on an evening stroll. Eventually, with a final nod of those black-tipped ears he bobbed under a gate, as if to say, “Well, lovely chatting but this is me.”

I’ve been busy getting work ready for the D&AD New Blood show in London, where I will be exhibiting along with some of my fellow students from Edinburgh College of Art next week. D&AD stands for Design and Art Direction, and they’re all about promoting excellence within the design world. It’s a pretty prestigious thing to attend so I’m very pleased to be going but I’ll be honest, I do have reservations about it. I suspect that every thing I live for may be a bit of an anathema to the sort of culture D&AD extolls. The message I get from all their promotional activity is that they’re focussed on design celebrity, aggressive competitiveness and the sort of people who spell ‘new’ ‘nu’. Oh I do sound negative. I’m open to being entirely wrong. Tomorrow I’ll post up the work I’m taking.

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