A mixed up season

The bank holiday weekend has been warm but blustery and overcast. There are only six ewes left to lamb on the farm. Up in the hills there are still snowdrops but down in the valley I saw a swallow darting across the sky. What a mixed up season it has been. Despite dire warnings of frost from just about everyone Little Owl and I planted out our pea seedlings in tubs today. We tied up our pea sticks, spread out the compost and tenderly transplanted the little plants. Then we cut the bottom seam off some clear bin bags and created homemade green houses for them. I hope they will survive.

There is a growing pile of my illustration work by the front door ready for putting up the degree show next week. Slowing I’m binding everything into booklets, labelling them and stacking them ready to go. My little work room looks like we’ve been burgled as I rifle through bundles of drawings from the beginning of the year. Moving it all around shows up my neglect of housekeeping over the last few months. That’s another thing to tackle once this is all over!

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