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After complaining in yesterday’s post about people who weren’t inspiring me I thought I’d share with you some people who are inspiring me:

1. The article I’ve put up here is one my mum sent me from a magazine she found in her staff room. Before any one asks, she photocopied it. My mum thinks ripping pages out of public magazines is a low blow – she’s so good! It’s all about a garden nursery where I grew up. It’s a really good place, and thriving, so I was amazed to find out how hard it was for them at the beginning. They were nearly bankrupt at one point. I loved this advice from them: “Do something you love. Be prepared to work extremely hard for long hours and little reward at the beginning. And always remember to have a sense of humour!”

2. Sugar Mouse near York is a sweet shop set up by a lady called Angela Spencer. Two and half years down the line she’s still not taking a wage. I have learnt this year (that’s another story I’ll tell when it’s slightly less raw), that to businessy people this means the business isn’t viable and they wouldn’t entertain it. However, this little business is playing a vital role in a rural community, as much social as economic. I’m fascinated by these small businesses that have a social enterprise ethos to them. It’s something I hope to achieve with Firefly.

3. Cate James is a children’s book illustrator who was Artist in Residence when I first joined Edinburgh College of Art. Apart from being a truly brilliant illustrator Cate is a brilliant person. It’s been a long slow haul for her, which seems unbelievable when she’s so talented. I’ve found her journey really inspiring. She now illustrates the Grandpa and Lollipop books amongst other things and is Artist in Residence for the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital.

4. Wild Rumpus are a social enterprise who are passionate about delivering family arts events in wild natural landscapes. These guys put on the brilliant Just So Festival, where I will have a stall to sell Firefly this summer! They’re all about wonder, imagination, and creativity. Again it’s all about trading in order to allow something really good to happen as opposed to trading to make profit.

So, Firefly launches tomorrow. Ahhhh! If you haven’t already please do visit the website:

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